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Getting Started

Step One: Schedule a Consultation

When you contact Sarah Weddle Family Law, you can schedule a consultation over the phone or in the office. We are located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, convenient to the 38 Muni Line, and with plenty of parking in the area for drivers. We can usually schedule a consultation within two weeks, or may have an earlier appointment if time has opened in the schedule. If the situation is urgent we will try to accommodate you. Because Sarah is a sole practitioner, please be advised she is not always able to accept new clients or matters. 

Step Two: Meet with Sarah

Initial consultations are usually scheduled for one hour, unless you feel more time is needed in your case. Even if you do not retain Sarah to represent you, you will be receiving legal advice specific to your case in the consultation--it is much more than simply meeting an attorney. You'll learn what your rights and obligations are, what to expect, and get help in developing a strategic plan on how to proceed. You should put together your top five questions about your case, as well as copies of the most important documents in your case if it has already begun. If you are not sure which documents are the most important, feel free to ask before your consultation. Payment for the consultation is charged at the current hourly rate and is due at the time it is completed. 

Step Three: Determine the Services Right for You

If you decide to retain the firm, the amount of the retainer fee will be based on the complexity of your matter and an estimate based on services needed. In some cases Sarah can offer ongoing consultation while you represent yourself, depending on your needs and finances, which can often be less expensive. In all matters a contract and retainer fee are required, and rates are hourly unless a flat fee is appropriate. 

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